How counselling works

I work from a compassionate and client centered perspective so we can tailor our sessions to your needs, wants, and goals. We start with you and together we can discover new paths, connections, and stories to help you explore personal issues and subsequent growth.

Are you someone who is…

· Struggling to manage and complete daily tasks

· A master procrastinator

· Going through a life transition

· Struggling with our new reality of isolation

· Disengaged and unfulfilled in relationships

· Feelings of general low self-esteem and anxiety

· Stressed

I want to help you find the best ways to connect with your surroundings and build on your strengths so you can face your fears and survive your struggles. This is called strengthening your resilience. We may not be able to prevent issues from arising, but we can manage how we respond and even thrive when faced with them. Together we can deconstruct the negative stories you may tell yourself and rebuild them into kinder, stronger, and more positive stories that help you be authentic and feel connected in mind, body and environment.

For new parents...

Becoming a parent is filled with mixed emotions and can be a challenging transition. Typically, new parents receive some extra support in the beginning from friends or family. However, during this ongoing isolation, the struggles for new parents may feel much heavier without our usual support system. You are not alone in this feeling. Day to day parenting is exhausting and can lead to feelings of isolation, depression, regret, or simply not feeling like one’s old self. Redirect Counselling can provide a space to vent about your struggles or we can work together to come up with techniques and plans to help you address your most difficult challenges. Going through this transition myself, I come to our sessions with empathy, understanding, and compassion as you navigate your new world.